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The Gospel Project discussion questions for our Community Groups.  Click on the green title to get the discussion questions.  The document will either go to your downloads or just open directly.

  • When sin left the Garden of Eden, it didn’t die.  It spread, and it only got worse.  Wickedness flourished to the point that God had to destroy it entirely, with the exception of those on a strange boat.  God judges, and yet He delivers.  He destroys, but He also redeems.  A childhood bedtime story takes on new meaning for each of us living today.  Find out more as we look again at the story of Noah and the Flood.

  • Jesus had visited Jerusalem many times before, as a worshiper. But this time was different. He now proclaimed Himself as King. The Pharisees and scribes were anticipating the arrival of a conquering Messiah, but Jesus’ entrance and condemnation was something they hadn’t planned on. This wasn’t what they had hoped for. Discover why in “The Messiah They Didn’t Want.”

  • From the disciple’s point of view, Jesus was on a roll.  People were flocking to Him by the thousands.  Jesus had just fed 5,000 people with a sack lunch a youngster had with him. He had the masses eating out of His hand, literally.  Surely the Kingdom of God was at hand;  the crowds were following the Rabbi everywhere.  And then Jesus said some things that undid it all.  What did He say, and more importantly why did He say it? Find out in this message “The Day the Crack became a Chasm.”

  • Jesus the Rabbi is now drawing crowds that would make Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump jealous. Everyone wants what Jesus can give; a healing touch. Mark focuses on two: the ruler of the local synagogue with a sick little girl, and a woman with a hemorrhage. They couldn’t be more different. Yet their need and their desperation are much the same. Then Jesus does something neither of them expected… Discover what, and why, in “The Ultimate Healer.”    

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