Our Philosophy

We believe EVERY kid needs:

  • A REALLY BIG GOD they can trust no matter what. Kids should grow up knowing that God is big enough to handle whatever they may face. 
  • SOMEONE ELSE who believes what they believe. Kids need friends who will help them grow in their faith. 
  • ANOTHER VOICE saying the same things parents say. As children grow older it becomes more important to have other adults in their lives as spiritual leaders and mentors. 
  • UNCOMMON SENSE to help them make wise choices. God's point of view and His truth should become the filter for how kids view life and make decisions. 
  • NOSY PARENTS who know where their kids are spiritually. Kids need parents who will be intentional about spending time together as a family and staying actively involved in their children's spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth. 

We offer our youth groups as a way to partner with ordinary families (just like us) reaching out with childlike faith to ordinary teen and pre-teen kids utilizing faith based programs, events, activities, facilities, and genuine people uniquely equipped to effectively meet kids' needs.  We also offer to understand the good news of the Gospel-- Jesus Christ liberates us from the oppression of our ordinariness and gives us to permission to trust God to make us


Junior High IMPACT

Junior High IMPACT- on hold till the fall

We know how important having fun is to our youth, especially to our junior high, but also know how important it is for them to feel like they have a safe place where they belong. Each night we have time for fellowship, fun games, and an interactive faith presentation that brings the Gospel and the Truth of God's word to life in practical, applicable ways.

Day and time for Junior High IMPACT:
Location: IMPACT Center
Observe safe distancing

Connect with us: 

  • Facebook:  Luke Holderby

Senior High IMPACT

Senior High IMPACT- on hold till the fall

With our senior high students we know they still long to have fun but we understand the greater importance of relationship building and meeting them where they are. Each week we provide an environment for fellowship, a fun activity, an opportunity to share what's happening in their world, and present to them a meaningful faith presentation that addresses the daily struggles our teens face and applicable ways to handle them in light of the Truth in God's word. 

Day and time for High School IMPACT:
Location: Impact Center

Observe safe distancing.

Connect with us:

  • Facebook:  Luke Holderby


IMPACT CENTER - Youth Ministry is located offsite from the main CBF campus. Our ministry to junior and high school teens is aimed at inspiring faith-based world views, spiritual growth, and healthy personal relationships with each other and Christ. Experience has proven that we are more successful at reaching into kids' lives when our weekly programming is centrally positioned in the middle of town. This allows kids easy access to our activities and pastoral staff, who are available daily. They can safely and easily walk to our door. The older teens can conveniently drive and park at this facility.   

Our address:

282 W. Main, El Paso, IL

Please feel welcome to visit us!!! 

Director of Youth Ministries:  Luke Holderby


text/call: 309-310-3706

New activities, events and travel opportunities are constantly being added to our schedule. Contact Luke Holderby for more information.