God has equipped all of us for service in His Kingdom. We value the giftedness He grants all of us, and seek to recognize and use those gifts to fulfill our purpose within the Great Commission. CBF members have served in short term missions around the world and the church family supports full-time missionaries both here and abroad. Various short term trips around the world are made available for Junior High students through adults.

Missions Team Members :

Marcia Dudley

Annie Fehr

Tom Hand

Debbie Hand

Ronalee Henry

Linda Hodel

Community Bible Fellowship (CBF) supports missionaries who work with a variety of important ministries around the globe. In addition to sending financial resources to the mission field, CBF periodically sends work teams to the mission field on short term trips. CBF attenders have ministered in Russia, Belgium, Puerto Rico, England, North Africa, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Brazil, Japan, Kenya and St. Vincent as well as in the US in local prisons, Tennessee, Kalamazoo, New York City through Spread Truth and the Pontiac Caring Pregnancy Center.


John and Linda Berger are full-time staff members of International Students Inc., an organization committed to reaching international college students who are here in the U.S. getting their education. John and Linda's mission field is Illinois Weslyan University and Illinois State University where they welcome students as they arrive at school, disciple them toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and encourage American students to reach out to the internationals that God places in their path. The Bergers work in cooperation with local evangelical churches who assist with hosting weekly dinners, fellowship time and Bible studies for the students. They also plan various activities to expose the international students to American culture. 

The Bergers contact information:

John & Linda Berger  

2902 East Oakland Avenue  

Bloomington, IL 61704-5901



Scott and Aldine are serving in the support ministry of Amazon Salt and Light in Humaita, Brazil.  Amazon Salt and Light is focusing on establishing the Gospel in the villages and communities along the Madeira and Purus Rivers, tributaries to the Amazon.  Their passion is to see people that have not heard of Jesus come into a personal relationship with Him.

The Bluniers contact information:

Scott & Aldine Blunier  


Temporary US Contact:  309-550-2215

Website:  www.amazonsaltandlight.org

Gifts and Suport:

Amazon Salt and Light

PO Box 697

Bloomington, IL    61702


The mission of Can Do Kids International (CDKI) is to help children experience God’s love, learn God’s Word and live God’s way through programs (CDK Clubs), projects and engaging people in hand-on, relational ministry. CDK started at Community Bible Fellowship in 2007. In addition to clubs in central and western Illinois, Can Do Kids International has started clubs in partnership with churches in Kenya and Philippines. CDKI also manages projects with public schools in Kenya that provide clean water, school supplies, self-sustaining work projects, and student sponsorships. Can Do Kids International leads short term teams to Kenya on a regular basis that are open to CBF attenders. CDK partners with youth ministries in Ukraine and plans to launch its first Can Do Kids there in 2020. Tom and Jennifer Roth, charter members of Community Bible Fellowship, lead the ministry.

Tom & Jennifer Roth’s contact information:

Tom & Jennifer Roth

One West Front Street

El Paso, Illinois 61738




Ashley Thompson

Ashley serves with the university ministry, Campus Outreach, at Eastern Illinois University. Campus Outreach has a desire to raise up laborers on the college campus to reach the lost world. Ashley has a passion to share the gospel with college students and disciple young Christians to grow in their view of God, view of themselves and view of others. Her hope is to see these girls not only have a passion to grow in their personal relationship with God, but to invite others into that opportunity as well. She hopes to see the girls she is discipling continue to share the gospel and disciple women for the rest of their lives! 

Matthew 9:37-38

Ashley Thompson’s contact information:


(309) 532-2458


Kayley Roth

Plans are still in progress regarding next school year, but for the rest of my one-year commitment, I will be serving the ministry in Ukraine from home (El Paso) while I wait on my VISA. I am currently piloting some new lessons on Zoom which we hope to grow and develop next year. We plan to offer classes to students on Tuesday/Thursdays & then invite them into an English-speaking club on Saturdays where we will be able to talk more openly about the Bible. I am also helping to coordinate a missions trip to Ukraine this August. Please continue to lift up these things and the ministry in prayer. Thank you for your support!

Chad and Cherry Gfeller

Our work seeks to reach the nations in Berlin, Germany, with a focus on unreached people groups, by shining the light of the gospel through creative initiatives that meet personal, academic and athletic needs of individuals and families for the purpose of establishing relationships and creating fellowship.


           By bridging into communities in this way we are seeking to mobilize the church to live out the gospel to Germans and foreigners across the city. This means that much of our work centers around working with local churches for the purpose of building up disciples in Christ, who present Him to the nations.


          Our hope is that as churches meet the needs of the communities around them and love others in the way Christ has loved us, this will cultivate fertile ground for God to work in establishing new gospel communities that call out people from all nations to Himself.


          We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside CBF to fulfill the Great Commission. We count it a privilege to be invested with you for the gospel and we gladly join you in seeking to make Jesus known for the glory of the Father.


The CBF Missions Team and Youth Ministry Staff organize various short term trips around the world for ages Junior High through adult. In addition, many members of CBF join teams organized by other churches and missions groups. 

  • In March, 2019 a few CBF members served with Can Do Kids International in Kenya.
  • In July, 2019 our team joined Spread Truth  for a week in New York City to minister to people  by engaging in Gospel conversations at prayer stations  with and in parks throughout the city.  We also ministered to the children through soccer and basketball camps. 
  • In May, 2019 our IMPACT youth group students served at Camp Timber-lee in East Troy, Wisconsin.

We look forward to some more mission trips being offered and to anyone who feels called to join this ministry.